Shale Shaker Screen Delivery to India ?>

Shale Shaker Screen Delivery to India

Shale shaker screen is the most regularly ware parts for a whole solids control equipment in drilling job site. AIPU Solids Control build various replacement shaker screen for different brand and models of shale shaker. There are different type of shaker screen with frame type shaker screen or hook type shaker screen. For all hook type screen, it can be flat mesh or pyramid screen depending on drilling conditions. AIPU Solids Control deliveried many boxes of shaker screen to India…

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Mud Mixing Tank For HDD Drilling ?>

Mud Mixing Tank For HDD Drilling

Mud Mixing tank can be a separate mud tank or combination with mud recycling tank. HDD drilling, full name is horizontal directional drilling. HDD drilling will require mud mixing tank with mixing pump and hopper. The size and specification required will be depending on different drill rig and drilling condition. AIPU mud mixing tank can be different design on mud tank size, pipe line arrangement, mud agitator size options, tank top material with checker plate or gratings, mixing pump size,…

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Poor Boy Degasser Delivery ?>

Poor Boy Degasser Delivery

AIPU deliveried 2 sets of poor boy degasser to jobsite for oil and gas drilling. The poor boy degasser is design to set before shale shaker to separate gas. Poor boy degasser has different name like mud gas separator or gas buster. It is the effective equipment to separate large volume of gas from drilling mud in the kick situation. There will be a set of flare ignition device to treat separated gas from poor boy degasser. Specification Of Poor…

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Decanter Centrifuge For Sale ?>

Decanter Centrifuge For Sale

AIPU Solids Control build a full line of solids control equipment, decanter centrifuge is one of the equipment. There are 6 sets of high speed decanter centrifuge that manufactured in Oct 2016 for sale with very good discount. There is one client ordered 6 sets of high speed decanter centrifuge for drilling waste management but project was postponed, so the decanter centrifuge not able delivery with good discount and ready delivery. All the details specification and parts already tested with…

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Mud Agitator And Vacuum Degasser Delivery ?>

Mud Agitator And Vacuum Degasser Delivery

Mud Agitator and Vacuum Degasser are 2 important equipment to make a whole solids control system. A client ordered one set of vacuum degasser and 10 sets of mud agitator to replace on the current solids control system. All equipment packed by plastic as well as pallet or wooden box to transport. The impeller of agitator can be customized by single layer or double layer as well as impeller diameter and shaft length. The vacuum degasser is self suction with…

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